News 22 February 2018

Construction Update – February

The Peech Hotel will be expanding during 2018 by adding more guest rooms.

We are issuing the following advisory to all guests planning to stay at the hotel during April-Dec 2018.

Download a PDF version of this page.

  • Construction will begin 03 April 2018 and is scheduled to end 14 December 2018.
  • Hours & days of work – Monday to Friday, 07h30 – 17h00
  • The building site will be located on the property neigbouring The Peech Hotel, which is still completely seperated by a boundary and well established foliage. No construction will take place within the existing hotel grounds. We anticipate our current hotel to continue operating as usual (aside from our garden suites) until the new rooms are ready to open (December 2018).
  • Advisory: Our existing Garden Suites (x 2) are positioned closest to the construction and to ensure we avoid any disruption to leisure guests, we recommend them for business travellers only on weekdays. We will contact all exisiting bookings and advise.

Given our experience with the original hotel build (2002) and previous expansion projects (2006 & again in 2008), we are confident that the constrution will have no negative impact on the rest of our guest rooms.

  • We are building on vacant land and therefore no demolition is required
  • There is significant and well established foliage between the two properties, therefore general noise and line-of-sight into the area of construction are largely blocked
  • Access to the construction site will be via the neighbouring property and will not pass through the current hotel entrance or property
  • The construction area is fenced off and totally separate from the existing hotel
  • As a precaution we will implement 24 hour security at the entrance to the hotel to ensure the absolute safety and comfort of our guests at all times
  • We are managing the construction project directly (owners live onsite) and therefore will control ALL aspects of the build to ensure that there is no disruption to our business

Distance from existing hotel rooms to construction:

  • Main House (House rooms 1-2) – 60m
  • Annex A (Garden Rooms 3-6) – 57m
  • Annex B (Garden Rooms 7-10) – 47m
  • Annex C (Garden Rooms 11-14) – 35m
  • Annex D (Garden Suites 15-16*) – 10m

By the end of this year, The Peech Hotel will offer a total of 30 guest rooms, propelling us into an exciting new phase as we celebrate 14 years in business. We look forward to expanding our offering, thus eliminating current availability challenges, and having 14 brand new luxury inter-leading guest rooms, an additional lap pool and further outdoor spaces for our guests beginning 2019.