News 07 May 2020

COVID-19 Prepared

The Peech Hotel is COVID prepared....for when we can travel again

“No country, city or community in the world has escaped the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as we begin to emerge from our lockdown our focus is on how we can provide a safe hotel experience for our guests. We’ve put  health and safety to be paramount during a stay at The Peech. We look forward to welcoming you when we can live and travel freely again. ” James Peech (Founder)


  • Low Touch Interaction – our whole guest experience ensures that we keep physical contact to a minimum and where unavoidable, keep to strict guidelines. All the regular hotel scenarios can be done without physical contact – check-in & check-out – and the degree of hosted or self-orientation is at a guest’s discretion.
  • Limited Social Contact – 0ur free-standing rooms are spread across our 2 acre property, each with private entrances (no shared corridors, stairwells or lifts). The 8000 m sq of gardens ensure there is space to move around and relax without breaching  social distancing rules.
  • Room Rotation – we will be rotating our rooms to ensure each room has at least 48 hrs (after cleaning) break without having had any access.
  • Health Checks – unobtrusive temperature checks for hotel guests on arrival and daily during their stay. Our staff report for health screening prior to starting work, and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Strict procedure in place for suppliers and deliveries, without entering our buildings.
  • Public Space Hygiene – public spaces and high-contact points are cleaned regularly with approved anti-viral products. Alcohol based sanitizer (70%) and disposable paper towels widely available.
  • Dining – 2 in-house restaurants with tables well-spaced (at least 2m apart), and with staggered dining times. All meals and beverages prepared to order (no buffet), and adhering to strict hygiene kitchen standards. Traditional servery replaced with disposable paper menus & napkins. Beverages served in sealed bottles.
  • Isolation Rooms – Isolation rooms in case a guest is taken ill or experiences any COVID-related symptoms. Guests will remain in isolation while professional testing is arranged and until results and/or health clearance are received.
  • Emergency Medical Partners – Medical professionals on call 24 hrs (and based less than 2km from the hotel) to provide professional advice, testing and results. In an emergency where hospitalisation is required, The Peech Hotel is easily accessible to several of Joburg’s leading private hospitals.

Our team are available for any questions you have about staying at The Peech:
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