News 20 December 2017

Our Neighbourhood, Melrose

What's around the hotel

Diagonally across from The Peech Hotel (50m), the Wrenrose Centre is a popular local neighbourhood centre, offering an array of boutique shops (clothes, jewelry, bags, gifts), indoor and courtyard cafes, stores (pharmacy, butcher, convenience, dry cleaning), salons (hair, nails, beauty treatment, pilates) and a contemporary art gallery featuring revered local artists.

The centre has ample parking, and is a vibrant, friendly and convenient place to wander, browse and relax over a great coffee with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Open weekdays and weekends.


A fabulous new Café & Bistro. Great for lunch. Pictured above & below. 011 788 4111 | Mon-Sat 07h00-16h00



An artspace that features local and international works of art. Exhibitions change constantly and cover many different genres. Definitely worth a visit… 011 447 6543 | | Mon-Fri 09h00- 17h00; Sat 09h00-13h00



Kirsten Goss is a Durban-based jeweller with shops in London, Durban and until recently, inside The Peech. She has now moved across the road with her unique designs and unparallelled craftsmanship. She has a loyal and international following and the shop is well worth a visit. 011 447 2234 | | Mon-Fri 09h30-16h30; Sat 09h00-13h00



The James & Ethel Gray Park is a popular spot for locals to exercise and walk dogs. Head straight out to the brow of the hill to get a fine view towards the city center.