News 19 October 2020

Travel to SA

Travel to SA - Current Rules & Restrictions


Revised list of countries:

Revised categories: People from high risk countries who may visit SA fall in the following categories: business travellers, holders of critical skills visas, investors and people on international mission in sports, arts, culture and science.

In addition, we recognise that there are a number of regular visitors from mainly European countries that have been accustomed to long periods of visitation to our country during our summer season when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of them own properties in the country. We appreciate the significant economic contribution that they make through their activities in the country. To this end, we will also allow visitors, in whichever category, who are coming to stay for a three months period or more subject to Covid-19 protocols.


ORIGINAL: 15th October 2020

Travelling to South Africa – South Africa is still (as of 15th October) under lockdown – currently at “Level 1” – and therefore travel is not yet unrestricted.

The following is our understanding of the regulations:

SA Citizens, SA permanent residents and SA visa holders (temporary residents). Unrestricted travel to & from SA except for a Covid test needed 72 hrs prior to travel.

Foreign Travellers NOT from ‘High Risk’ countries (see list here). Unrestricted travel to & from SA except for a Covid test needed 72 hrs prior to travel.

Foreign Travellers from ‘High Risk’ countries. Leisure travel is not permitted. Business Travel is permitted permission is needed to enter SA.

Permission is gained by emailing:

The following auto-response will be obtained:

Auto response: Covid Business Travel

Dear Applicant,

Your e-mail is hereby acknowledged.

Kindly note that the following to ensure your request is processed.

1. This email address only deals with foreign nationals who wish to enter SA for BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY and are coming from a High Risk country. 

Please ensure that your request contains the following:-

1.1. a fully motivated letter on why your travel to SA is essential; and

1.2.  all the necessary supporting documents such as:-

(a) Copy of Passports and /or temporary residence visa

(b) Proof of business activity to be undertaken in the Republic

(c) Proof of travel itinerary

(d) Proof of address or accomodation in the Republic

We endevour to process your request as soon possible taking into conisderation the high volume of request being received and submission being made to the Minister.

Any mail received that falls out of the category mentioned above will not be attended to. 


Additional information

2. The High Risk countries list can be found on the DHA website , please consult the website. Those who have long term valid visas from these countries will be allowed entry into SA. They do not require permission to enter SA. Those who qualify to apply for a long term visa may apply for the visa via the mission, as all visa services at our missions are open.

3. No visits for leisure will be allowed into SA under level 1 lock down for anyone coming from a high risk country. 

4. SA citizens and Permanent Residence holders do not need permission to enter SA.

NB: Covid negative test not older than 72 hours is needed when entering SA

Kind regards

DHA Business Travel Team

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