News 10 May 2021

Chef in Residence Candice Philip

Chef in Residence Candice Philip

We are delighted to announce that highly respected South African Chef, Candice Philip, is to lead the hotel’s signature Basalt Restaurant as Chef in Residence for a 3-month residency.   Candice officially takes up this role from mid-May 2021, joining her in the kitchen will be David Hayes, Head Chef at The Peech Hotel and previously Sous Chef of Farro Restaurant. During her residency at Basalt, Chef Candice will focus on “connection, bringing people together again with open hearts and open minds, providing an opportunity for them to reconnect through sharing an amazing experience, one that inspires and delights through taste and the creation of brand new memories.”

To launch her residency Chef Candice will initially offer a 6 course dinner menu from Thursday to Saturday evenings commencing Thursday, May 20th 2021.

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